Monday, September 29, 2008

Morning Walk to the Creek, pastel, 9x12, $300

The path down to Cedar Creek runs gently through the field and cow pasture then turns sharply to begin its descent through the open woods and on below to the creekbank. In this painting the bright morning sun illumintes open spaces between the trees and reveals the thicker woods beyond.
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Shenandoah Morning, pastel, 12x18, SOLD

The lovely Shenandoah River flows gently through the surrounding countryside. This is a morning view, looking upstream. One can imagine a solitary figure paddling a bark or hidebound canoe through the slowly moving current.
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Cedar Creek Mist, pastel, 12x14, $350

It is a long, downhill walk to Cedar Creek from the house. On certain summer mornings you can trace its meandering curves by the plumes of mist rising from its cold waters.
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Predawn-Bleyler's Field, pastel, 9x12, SOLD

The sun has not topped the horizon but its light is slowly filling the dawn sky and quietly illuminating a gentle landscape.
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Dawn Fire-Bleyler's Field, pastel, 9x12, SOLD

The maple tree in Bleyler's field is a constant source of inspiration. A perfectly formed little tree it occupies a field surrounded by cedars. In this painting, the morning light has struck its autumn-colored leaves with fire.
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Road to the Mountain-Sandy Hook, pastel, 12x12, $300

Massanutten Mountain and Signal Knob loom large in my mind's eye. The mountain is a permanent part of my mental store of inspiration. The road through Sandy Hook really does end at the mountain's base.
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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Herbalist's House, pastel, 12x18, $350

The shrubs, foliage plants, and flowers form a riot of color and texture around the herbalist's house. The early morning light illuminates a swath of patterned hues.
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Stony Pointe-Late Afternoon, pastel, 12x12, $300

This is a view of the Massanutten Mountain range looking south on a lovely, clear, early summer evening. The sky is filled with clouds reflecting the warm light of the setting sun. The houses glow in the same reflected light. The mountain's green bulk looms above the little houses. I envy their closeness to the mountain.
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last Cutting, pastel, 11x14, $300

Our neighbor, Harold, passed away this spring. He had a small herd of cows and he cut hay to feed them from a field beside our land. Harold was a good friend and neighbor and we will miss him.
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Last Light, pastel, 8 1/2 x 11 SOLD

Painting en plein air can be a joyful thing. While trying to capture quickly passing scenes it is possible to become completely immersed in the moment. This is when Nature reveals herself and the more I look the more I see.
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Friday, March 28, 2008

Morning Flight, pastel, 9x13, SOLD

This is the view of the Massanutten mountain range I see from my studio window. At sunrise the light changes quickly on the mountain and it is hard to capture a single moment. I love the cool blue hues of the ridges and the warmth of the golden light as the sun begins to tip the edges of the tree branches. I placed the birds in flight as if they had just felt the warmth of the morning sun.
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